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22 Apr 2020

Vivi di Annuity Sublease Course - William Gutierrez


  • Welcome
  • Week 1: Psychology of a Professional Sublitter

  • Automatic and semi-automatic annuities
  • Because I recommend making Subleases
  • Own capital Vs third party capital
  • Leverage: how to use it to your advantage
  • How a Sublitter Self Motivates
  • Big or small goals?

Week 1: Things to know

  • Is subletting illegal?
  • Can I make subleases in all cities?
  • Dimensions of apartments to be rented
  • Big or small transactions?
  • How to optimize spaces
  • Think like an entrepreneur
  • How to find profitable trades
  • How to communicate to your target
  • What to tell the real estate agent
  • What to say to the homeowner
  • Joint or single contract?
  • Who pays the bills?
  • The owner does not rent to companies due to the dry coupon
  • The VAT number


  • Calculate your Net Worth
  • Financial Freedom Index 1
  • Financial Freedom Index 2
  • Financial requirement
  • Good debts and bad debts
  • The cash flow quadrants 1
  • The Cash Flow 2 quadrants


  • Webinar 1
  • Webinar 2
  • Webinar 3
  • How to do the mapping
  • The best time to look for real estate
  • Acquiring properties in buildings without a lift

Week 2: A Sub-Lessor's Team

  • Fundamental figures 1
  • Fundamental figures 2

Week 3: The numbers of your trades

  • Turnover, profit and cash flow
  • Income statement
  • Minimum Cash Flow to be respected
  • Cash Flow Management 1
  • Cash Flow Management 2

Week 3: How to make the proposal

  • Beware of condominium expenses!
  • How do you make the proposal
  • How many proposals do I have to make
  • How to ask the owner for a discount
  • Leverage to be used with owners: Insolvency
  • What to do if they reject my proposal
  • What to do when they accept my proposal

Week 4: The renovation

  • When to renovate
  • Low cost or luxury renovation
  • How many rooms to create
  • Communication to the Condominium
  • What to do in case of damage

Week 4: How to furnish the apartment

  • Furnished or empty properties
  • Create your format
  • Attention to detail is essential
  • Where to buy the furniture
  • The options

Week 5: The Secrets of Real Estate Marketing

  • Marketing tools to be used online and offline
  • Specific knowledge of the market
  • You have to be strict with tenants
  • Tenants: mixed or only the same sex
  • When to advertise the rooms
  • Security deposit
  • Entrance fee

Week 5: Operational management

  • Manager of management
  • Conventions
  • Maintenance package
  • Database always updated
  • Employees Vs Collaborators
  • What to do if they don't pay the rent
  • Your salvation: early termination

Week 6: My leases

  • Lease agreement (private leases property to private individual opting for the dry coupon)
  • Lease agreement (private individual leases property to private ordinary personal income tax)
  • Lease agreement (company leases property to private individual)

Week 6: My Sublease Agreements

  • Sublease Agreement (if you are a natural person)
  • Sublease Agreement (if you have a Real Estate Company)

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Image of Vivi di Annuity Sublease Course - William Gutierrez

Vivi di Annuity Sublease Course - William Gutierrez

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