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02 Apr 2020

Automatic sale - Giorgian Putanu

Automatic Sale

The classroom course that helps ambitious professionals and entrepreneurs ad ** ATTRACT **, ** SELL ** and ** SURPRISE ** automatically to ** get ** and ** retain more customers and save time ** without hiring new staff.

Automatic Sale - Giorgian Putanu

My aim is to constantly improve, in life and in business. I believe that change is automatic, innovation and progress are not! This is why the Automatic Sale project was born. The customized and dynamic sales system to attract your contacts, sell more and surprise your customers automatically.

I am well versed in automated marketing and advertising on Facebook. I have been certified “ICP - Small Business Expert” in Phoenix in the United States. Since 2017 I am the partner no. 1 by Infusionsoft in Italy, the world's leading software for the automation of marketing processes.

Image of Automatic sale - Giorgian Putanu

Automatic sale - Giorgian Putanu

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