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15 Apr 2020

Tax Liens Certificates Silver Pack (TaxLien Italia)

** The first Italian-language academy that explains step-by-step how to enter and win the American Tax Liens market. **

** Emanuel Wijkhuisen **, and his team, will follow you step-by-step in this course that will allow you to ** learn how to buy Tax Liens Certificates on the American real estate market **.

Tax Liens are an incredibly powerful and effective tool for achieving financial freedom.

I'll explain why:

  1. ** They've been around for over 300 years, ** so they're safe, stable and profitable.

  2. ** You can do it directly from Italy, ** all you need is a computer and an Internet connection.

  3. ** They have a very low entry level: ** an average Tax Lien costs $ 1,500

  4. To operate with Tax Liens ** you need an American LLC ** company that is formed in a few days, with a few hundred dollars and pays less taxes than any corporation in Italy.

  5. If you want, ** you can compound, ** that is, continuously reinvest both the capital and the interest, you will reach financial freedom in a few years.

  6. If you have a real estate acquisition strategy, ** with Commissioners Sales you can purchase Tax Liens at a fixed price of $ 500 or $ 1,000 ** and the maturity is only 120 days.

First lesson: [video] ( Sales page:

Image of Tax Liens Certificates Silver Pack (TaxLien Italia)

Tax Liens Certificates Silver Pack (TaxLien Italia)

Download the Tax Liens Certificates Silver Pack (TaxLien Italia) for only 167.

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