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03 Apr 2020

SurfingThePips � Davide & Enrico

** SurfingThePips ** is an online trading method to be applied on the foreign currency market, the so-called Forex, the largest financial market in the world. As in surfing, to be able to ride the waves of prices, you need control, balance, not effort. The only difference is that in trading it is not the muscles that must be controlled but the mind. The peculiarity of our method is to put the psychological well-being of the trader first, a fundamental aspect to ensure the achievement of constant profits over time.

What will you learn?

You will be told everything I have learned in more than 10 years about the financial markets, the same rules and the same secret graphic patterns that I use every day to operate in my private investment fund.

Don't expect a normal course done with copy-paste from other re-chewed and well-packaged resources: everything is 100% original and never seen before. You will find out what are the 5 tools I use and the 7 mandatory steps you must follow every time you have to enter the market, and the secret patterns signed ** SurfingThePips. **

** DAVIDE FRANCESCO SADA - SurfingThePips **

He has written for RCS Mediagroup, Gruppo Espresso,, Filmcritica, videomaker selected in international festivals, discovers trading on the financial markets to self-finance his artistic projects.In a few years he becomes a capital manager and a reference point for investment and conscious business in Italy and abroad thanks to the and projects

** ENRICO GARZOTTO - SurfingThePips **

Entrepreneur, he has founded and directed companies all over the world, including Great Britain, Ireland, Malta, San Marino and New Zealand. Specialized in the world of 360 investment, independent trader, financial analyst awarded by Panorama's Economy, financial intermediary and trainer. Together with Davide Francesco Sada he co-founded the first ethical broker in the world,, and the training academy dedicated to wealth aware

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SurfingThePips  Davide & Enrico

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