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03 Apr 2020

SurfingTheOptions � Marco Doni

** The most complete path to learn American Options **

The ** Basic American Options Course ** is structured in such a way as to make learning content as simple as possible with simple videos, self-assessment tests and practical examples using the platform. It is suitable for any level of knowledge of the instrument which can therefore be learned from scratch by beginners or deepened by those who already have knowledge.

In the ** Advanced Course ** of American Options you will continue your learning path with the ** Vertical **, ** Credit / Debit Spread and Horizontal Spread ** strategies that you will learn to use combined creating advanced strategies, such as ** Iron Condor Weekly **, ** Double Calendar Weekly ** and ** Double Butterfly **, which gain from time and volatility. You will learn how to use the ** Options dashboard **, the ** Greeks **, to define the entry, adjustment and exit points of the strategies.

Marco Doni is a Master Trading Coach in ** American Options **, entrepreneur and author of 3 books. He is a regular guest on ** CNBC ** with a program on American Options

*** A good trader is not a trader who earns a lot, but a trader who loses little! “***

I have a degree in computer science from the University of Milan, a certification from the ** CBOE ** of Chicago on options trading and a certification from the ** OptionsAnimals ** ** Academy **. Since ** 2007 ** it operates on the Options market. He has studied with professional traders such as ** John Carter ** of Simpler Options, ** Matthew “Whiz” Buckley ** of TopGun Options. Constantly follows ** Scott J.L. ** Lord ** of StratagemTrade ** and ** Morris Puma of SJOptions . He is the author of the two books “ How to create an income with Trading **” volume 1 and volume 2.



• A scheme to become a millionaire fast • The secret to doubling your capital in a month • Incomprehensible technical terms • A complicated system to follow • Endless theory lessons

Image of SurfingTheOptions – Marco Doni

SurfingTheOptions – Marco Doni

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