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04 Apr 2020

Study Less Study Better Sm2 Than Effectively

Study Less Study Better [2.0] is the revolutionary study method that has revived the fortunes of many university careers of students throughout Italy and beyond. Andrea Giuliodori graduated with full marks (and in less than five years) from the Faculty of Engineering in Bologna and now lives and works in London. He gave birth to a study method that helped him achieve success and self-esteem, so he started sharing it with thousands of people through his course.

Thanks to the use of innovative techniques drawn from proven psychological studies, EfficaceMente offers a course based on four essential skills: motivation, learning, memorization and organization. Exploring the causes of low motivation, learning difficulties, non-memorization and total disorganization, the course helps the student to readjust their study method or to discover a new one suited to their needs and abilities. Quick understanding and learning techniques will be learned, it will be possible to refine your study method and learn how to manage performance anxiety, you will get to know yourself better, your hidden resources and how to make the most of them.

The price of the course includes a manual containing the scientific theories on which the method is based, flashes, or organization and deepening schemes of the contents focused on the author's experience, a training book to put the theory into practice, concept maps. which summarize the concepts, the cognitive style tests to get to know and understand yourself better and, finally, the bonus “the tailor-made study method”, or the list of study techniques most suited to each one.

Have you been stuck on the same exam for months? Do you feel like you do everything it takes to be a good student, but ultimately fail your exams? Or worse still, don't you even show up for appeal? Do you organize your study in a maniacal way, but in the end you reduce yourself to studying, badly, on the last day? This course is definitely the one for you!

If you are still not convinced, read the comments of the students who have used it before you, and at that point you can not help but rush to buy the course Study Less Study Better [2.0].

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