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04 Apr 2020

Speedy Brain Amazon Self Publishing Fabrizio Salvati

The video course Speedy Brain Amazon Self Publishing - Keywords Research and Analysis is a course entirely dedicated to the research and analysis of keywords during the development phase of the Business Model. The search for keywords represents the most delicate and important phase in the work of the self publisher, but also the most critical one. Many paid courses dedicated to publishing on Amazon and Audible are confusing and do not offer valid tools to learners, who are often disappointed.

This is the main reason for a new course on keywords, capable of offering a method and a precise research tool. The video introduces the Speedy Brain method, a quick and intelligent tool to identify the most used and profitable keywords to be included in books and audiobooks. Speedy Brain works through various metrics and Key Performance Indicators, for competition analysis and innovative software.

This tool will be essential for self publishers who want to insert key keywords within their works, to have a greater chance of success among the general public.

If you need a tool that facilitates the difficult keyword research work you have found the perfect course for your needs!

Download the Speedy Brain Amazon Self Publishing Fabrizio Salvati for only 27.

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