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01 Apr 2020

Easy Shopify by Alessandro Zamboni

If your dream has always been to open your own online shop, then don't waste any more time and make your dream come true! Learn How To Finally Build Your ** Dropshipping ** Based eCommerce Business From Scratch With ** Shopify **, Step by Step. Don't miss this opportunity!

** Shopify Easy ** is the most comprehensive video course ever released in Italy on how to start a business from scratch based on dropshipping with ** Shopify **.

This course comes entirely from my very long experience with Shopify, and the 1 to 1 coaching I did with the two best Shopify sellers in the world. I assure you it will make you a winner with your online store in a few days.


** Shopify Store Creation (12 Videos) **

  • How to create your own FREE and LEGALLY eCommerce on Shopify.

  • How to set up Shopify in the shortest time possible.

  • How to arrange payments and shipments.

  • How to add additional sales channels.

  • The key pages to add.

  • 8 apps your eCommerce can't live without.

  • How to multiply the products sold by 53%.

  • How to add customer reviews to your products even if you haven't sold anything yet. ** Product Selection (6 Videos) **

  • How to choose a suitable market niche.

  • How to find bestsellers on AliExpress.

  • How to find products sold by Shopify top sellers.

  • How to discover the FB Ads of Shopify's top sellers.

  • How to add products on Shopify.

  • Where to find hot products before they hit the market. ** Generate Traffic (14 Videos) **

  • How to create and install the Facebook pixel.

  • 11 traffic methods between free and paid.

  • How to find out where the best Shopify sites get traffic from.

  • How to use FB Ads to the nth degree.

  • How to set up perfect Custom Audiences and Lookalike Audiences.

  • How to fully automate the retargeting phase. Sales Page: v

Image of Easy Shopify by Alessandro Zamboni

Easy Shopify by Alessandro Zamboni

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