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03 Apr 2020

Personal Brand Formula - Ignazio Munz´┐Ż

** Seriously monetize ** your knowledge and ** build a successful online infobusiness **.

By studying this course you will learn ** how to find a profitable niche to build your personal brand, how to produce content, what to say and how to say it, what to sell and how to sell it. ** You will learn the best strategies to quickly monetize your audience and ** attract new customers and new sales every day **. If you're willing to commit and work towards your goals, ** this is the course you need **.

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** This is what you will find in the course: **

  • ** Over 70 Step-By-Step Lessons ** (12 Hours of Value Content)
  • ** The Same Strategy I Followed ** to Bring My Personal Brand from Zero to Ç 10,000 per Month
  • Access to the ** Exclusive Facebook Group ** to quickly resolve your doubts and help you succeed
  • Templates and Templates to ** Create and Monetize Your Personal Brand Quickly ** Module 0 - The basics

Welcome to CorsoStart

  • How To Study This Course To Get Results
  • What is a Personal Brand and How to Monetize It
  • The Right Mindset You Must Have if You Want to Succeed
  • Roadmap: Your Road from 0 to 10k Per Month
  • How long will it take for your first 10k month?
  • Roadmap: Your Road from 0 to 10k Per Month
  • Let's analyze my Personal Brand from 10k per month (in detail)
  • Roadmap: Your Road from 0 to 10k Per Month
  • VAT and Tax Matters

MODULE 1: The Foundations of Your Personal Brand

  • How to Find Your Niche with the P.C.P.Start Method
  • Niches to AvoidStart
  • Market Analysis: Here's How To Start
  • Know Your Ideal CustomerStart
  • What To Do If You're Feeling An ImposterStart
  • Build Your Personality

MODULE 2: Your Presence

  • Create a Presence: Youtube, Instagram, Facebook
  • What You Will Need to Create Your Presence
  • Wide vs Focused: What Should You Do?
  • What Tools Will You Need to Produce Content?
  • How to Find Effective Topics for Your Videos and Stay Organized
  • How to Structure Your Videos Using the 3 i Method
  • The A.B.S. to Create Any Form of Content
  • Error # 1 that will prevent you from building a successful personal brand and how to avoid it
  • How Often Should You Produce Content?
  • How to Use Video Description to Earn
  • ClickBait Is Positive When Used Well: Here's How
  • How to Create YouTube Thumbnails That Generate Views in Less Than 5 Minutes
  • Practical Examples of Effective Thumbnails (My Secrets)
  • My Strategies for Growing Fast on Youtube

MODULE 3: Monetization

  • Question 1 to Ask Before You Begin
  • 4 Profitable Ways to Monetize a Personal Brand
  • The Mathematics at the Base of a Business of Ç 10,000 per Month
  • VIDEO COURSE: How to Create a Video Course in 6 Steps
  • VIDEO COURSE: The Best Platform to Sell Your Course
  • VIDEO COURSE: Alternative Platform to Sell Your Course
  • VIDEO COURSE: Everything you need to know about Payment Gateways
  • VIDEO COURSE: How to Choose the Right Price to Earn the Most Possible
  • VIDEO COURSE: How to Increase Perceived Value to Sell More
  • VIDEO COURSE: Online Community Yes or No?
  • VIDEO COURSE: Launch and Pre-Launch
  • VIDEO COURSE: Most Common Mistakes and How to Avoid Them
  • VIDEO COURSE: How to Manage Refunds and Disputes
  • AFFILIATE MARKETING: How to Find the Best Offers to Monetize to the Maximum
  • AFFILIATE MARKETING: How and Where to Insert Your Affiliate Links
  • AFFILIATE MARKETING: Most Common Mistakes and How to Avoid Them
  • COACHING CALLS: How to Organize and Manage Sessions
  • COACHING CALLS: How to easily get paid Ç 150 + for 1 hour of counseling
  • COACHING CALLS: How to deal with customers
  • ADS: Monetizing with Ads

MODULE 4: Your Marketing

  • How To Do Marketing The Right Way
  • How to Use Funnels to Sell Your Products
  • 2 Effective Funnels You Can Use To Sell Your Course
  • How to Create a Funnel to Sell Your Course in 10 Minutes or Less
  • Practical Example of a Funnel That Works
  • How Email Marketing Works and Why Do It
  • The 3 Types of Traffic and How to Manage Them
  • How To Make Money With Your Personal Brand As Fast As Possible (Blueprint)
  • How To Get To Ç 10,000 a Month Without Spending 1 Cent on Advertising (My Personal Experience)

MODULE 5: Scalar

  • 2 Chances to Grow
  • How to Generate Leads with YouTube ADS
  • The Ç 5 a Day Strategy to Sell More Courses Using Facebook ADS
  • When You Should Resort to Paid Traffic

MODULE 6: Optimize

  • How to Grow Your Business by Delegating (When and How to Do It)
  • How to Delegate to a Freelancer the Right Way
  • How to Get Haters and Defamers
  • How to Handle Pirates


  • How to Find Your Niche
  • Your Ideal Client
  • Template for the Product Launch Funnel
  • Template for the Webinar Funnel

Image of Personal Brand Formula - Ignazio Munz¨

Personal Brand Formula - Ignazio Munz¨

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