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03 Apr 2020

Pagabiancolli by Andrea Biancolli

Andrea Biancolli is famous all over the world for his achievements in publishing.

In 2020, in just two months, he has already grossed over ** $ 145,000 ** from audiobooks.

And you instead, how much have you done?

After so many requests, Andrea gave up. He finally decided to go public with all his ** secret techniques ** to an exclusive circle of publishers.

Ok, but I already have a publishing course. What can you teach me that I already don't know?

  • The Mindset of the TOP Publisher
  • How to post on KDP without plagiarism or unicode issues
  • The step-by-step method to safely use all Promo Codes
  • The ingredients of the perfect cover
  • How to create an optimized RAS for sale - NOBODY does
  • Automatically and forever save 1% of all your proceeds with ACX
  • Pending Review / Headed hacking
  • How to manage an Account in Hold
  • How I finally solved the Tax Issues and Tax Interview on ACX
  • The secret technique for keyword research of audio books and the calculation of ABSR
  • Case Study, complete with title and cover, of my best 10k per month best seller
  • VPN, Team Management, essential tools and much, much more
  • Access to the Exclusive Italian TOP Self Publishers Community Sales page>

Image of Pagabiancolli by Andrea Biancolli

Pagabiancolli by Andrea Biancolli

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