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03 Apr 2020

Online Marketing for Mentecatti 1.0 By Big Luca

“Just one year after its launch, Online Marketing for Mentecatti has broken all records, becoming the most reference course for hundreds of students who have understood how to apply a process that can maximize the profits of their businesses.”

** THE DIAMOND TIP OF BIG LUCA INTERNATIONAL CONSULTING ** Become part of the elite of those who have put aside everything they already knew, to make room for new practical, tested and effective teachings, capable of creating an online ecosystem capable of selling.

Mentecatti course lessons list:

  • Introduction to the Course
  • Work tools
  • We buy Aweber - We create the first list
  • Integrate Aweber with CF and Leadpages
  • How To Set Up The Business 1 - 3 key points
  • How To Set Up The Business 2 - Youtube email marketing
  • YoutubeCash1
  • Youtubecash2
  • Follow Up Legacy Automatic Sequence Emails
  • Broadcast Email as needed
  • How to write CUT emails
  • Biscottini Technique
  • Paid Traffic 1
  • Paid traffic 2
  • Paid traffic 3
  • Paid traffic 4
  • How not to get banned on fb
  • How to Unlock 800 Accounts
  • Facebook 1 Install PIxel
  • Facebook Ads - Lead Ad Creation
  • Facebook - Ad Interaction
  • Dubli opportunity
  • Sales Page Opportunists
  • Conclusion 1
  • Conclusion 2
  • Urban Guerrilla 1
  • Urban Guerrilla 2
  • Urban Guerrilla 3
  • Urban Guerrilla 4 What you will learn:

  • How to set up an online business to make it profitable from day one.
  • How to generate traffic organically and otherwise.
  • Mistakes made by 99.9% of marketers and how to avoid them
  • How to make sure you are in the right niche
  • The right synergy between FB ads, Youtube and email marketing for MONETIZATION
  • How to use Youtube to make ca $$!
  • How to exactly calculate the metrics of your online business.
  • Strategic Email Marketing with practical examples of do's and don'ts
  • A marketing plan that works whether you are a networker, a consultant, a guru, a teacher …
  • How to do affiliate marketing profitably in ITALY.
  • How to strategically monetize a network marketing activity.
  • Practical examples of monetizable business. SALES PAGE [Online Marketing for Mentecatti] (

Image of Online Marketing for Mentecatti 1.0 By Big Luca

Online Marketing for Mentecatti 1.0 By Big Luca

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