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07 Jun 2020

Omnipresent Networker of Luca and Nicol� by

** Networkers With Super Powers? **

  • But with a simple and clear methodology to grow your team at the speed of light, month after month, qualification after qualification. *

    **NO! Stop bothering all your acquaintances! **

    Many think that achieving results in NM requires contacting everyone around them.

This strategy, which could have worked in 1990, will bring only one result today: ** being excluded from all one's circles of acquaintance. **

** In 2020 the game has changed, and you either adapt, or you become extinct. **

But don't worry, we'll teach you how to ** ATTRACT ** dozens of new leads every single week, making them ask you to join.

     What Will You Learn With OMNIPRESENT NETWORKER ™?

 ** NOTE: ** the contents below represent the skills you will develop after the chapter, not the number of lessons. The course contains over 75 lessons, growing. Each chapter lasts from 1 hour to 5 hours.


  * You will understand exactly how to approach the course ** effectively **;
  • We'll show you how to ** earn ** the next day with the ** Omnipresent Networker ™ course. ** Chapter 1

    • Find out everything they never told you about NM;
  • Open your eyes and ** become aware ** of what you are really doing, which has nothing to do with what you think;

  • ** Types of Network **, where you earn more;

  • What works and what doesn't;

  • What kind of duplication do you need to grow and how to stimulate it. Chapter 2

    • What your head has to think if you want to be successful in the Network;
  • How to influence your thoughts to turn them into concrete results;

  • The ** Diamond ** mindset;

  • How to transform the lack of ** focus ** into ** an obsession ** with the result;

  • How to plan a ** guaranteed ** success;

  • Develop a plan of achievable goals that will keep you motivated on a daily basis. Chapter 3

    • Discover the Hybrid Network forgetting the difference between ** OFFLINE ** and ** ONLINE **;
  • What are the basics of the Hybrid Network;

  • What kind of skills you will develop;

  • The only ** pyramid ** that really matters when it comes to making money with the Network.

      Chapter 4
    • The ** Personal Brand ** as an indestructible personal asset, for better or for worse;
  • How to build it quickly if you start from scratch;

  • How to blow it up if you already have a known Personal Brand;

  • How Personal Brand doesn't just mean “* to be famous *” or “* exposed *“;

  • Develop your automatic assets;

  • ** Personal Brand ** equal authority, translated into results;

  • How to use others to create your own ** perfect Personal Brand. **

      Chapter 5
    • Become a ** persuasive selling ** expert to close sponsorships wherever you are, and with whoever you are;
  • Stop acting ** a script ** like you were at a school play, learn how to adapt your language to whoever you have in front of you;

  • Leverage the authority of the ** Omnipresent Networker ** to close 10x more sponsorships;

  • Learn how to ask the ** right questions **, at the right time.

          Chapter 6
    • Become an Offline NM expert and then dominate in any situation;
  • What does sponsoring ** 1-to-1 ** teach you;

  • Because the basics of the ** Network are offline **, but when combined with the Online they cause an avalanche effect;

  • How to create highly persuasive presentations;

  • How to present the project ** without talking about the company **;

  • How to constantly find new people who want to know what you do without using the internet;

  • How to organize ** business meetings ** capable of transforming strangers into ** enthusiastic ** collaborators;

  • How to close anyone, ** even NO **;

  • The true role of the Sponsor.

      Chapter 7
    • The skills to work online in the Network;
  • As online alone has ** limits ** in the Network;

  • How to develop ** Funnels ** capable of bringing automatic contacts even while you sleep;

  • ** Social Media ** strategies;

  • ** advertising ** strategies on Facebook;

  • ** Organic ** traffic;

  • Other alternative traffic sources;

  • Technical development of your ecosystem;

  • Leverage others to drive traffic to your pages;

  • Develop ** digital omnipresence. **

      Chapter 8
    • Become ** HYBRID **, to obtain the ** Forced Omnipresence ** and not just the digital one;
  • Local lead generation to become the leader in your area;

  • ** Compulsive retargeting ** to not be forgotten who you are;

  • Organize massive sponsorship webinars and attract hundreds of people;

  • The secrets ** of Omnipresence ** never told before;

  • Uses the right traffic mix for what it does;

  • ** Create your own team management channels **;

  • Leverage Omnipresent Networker ™ training.

    • Get your ** Professional Networker ™ certification **;
  • Use the badge to attract other qualified Networkers;

  • How to use the community to your advantage;

    • All the bonuses you find below:
  • List of Q&A calls recorded;

  • Additional Bonus Videos:

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Image of Omnipresent Networker of Luca and Nicoḷ by

Omnipresent Networker of Luca and Nicoḷ by

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