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03 Apr 2020

My Trading Way - Emanuele Bonanni

** MyTradingWay courses ** form a learning path that mainly deals with ** strategies and their applications **. The strategies apply to the trading of ** American stock options **, and are intended as a tool for the realization of an ** additional income ** or for the ** conservation of the invested capital **. Below you will find the video programs lessons of the courses of the MyTradingWay path.

** My Trading Way - Emanuele Bonanni **

“It was the 90s. I was 25 years old and I had already pushed ahead, employee and then partner in less than two years. I was a partner in a design and production company of alarms in Pomezia. Then the majority members quarreled and the situation changed. I found myself at 26 without a job but with an amazing know-how. I sent a few hundred resumes to as many companies in the sector and, while waiting for answers, I made a telephone dialer for a client, receiving a salary corresponding to 6 salaries as an employee. I realized I was not made to be an employee.

Lessons from the My Trading Way course

2 - Stop Loss Fight 3 - Stock Options 4 - Why sell options 5 - Know How - Pt.1 6 - Know How - Pt. 2 7 - Before starting 8 - Choice of the underlying 9 - Presentation of the strategy 10 - Sell Put 11 - Roll 12 - Stock 13 - Summary of the strategy 14 - Warren Buffett 1-A Risk analysis 2-A Live without risk 3-A Lower the risks 4-A The black swan 5-A Summary on risk management

1 - The intelligent speculator 2 - The Protective PUT 3 - The Married PUT 4 - Example of Married PUT 5 - The Collar 6 - Position management - Part 1 7 - Position management - Part 2 8 - Position management - Part 3 9 - Position management - Part 4 10 - Position management - Part 5 11 - Let's recap 12 - Reflections


Is it worth buying or checking? The leverage effect The CALL and PUT options The purchase of CALL and PUT options The sale of the CALL and PUT options ITM, OTM and ATM The value of options: intrinsic and extrinsic value The value of options: time decay and volatility The Greeks Create an option order on TWS

The Power Options platform

1 - Introduction to the platform 2 - My Portfolio 3 - Signature Tools 4 - Naked PUT 5 - Married PUT 6 - The other options strategies

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My Trading Way - Emanuele Bonanni

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