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02 Apr 2020

Metodo Universitario � Giuseppe Moriello

** But why prepare the “Exams in 7 days”? Here are 10 Good Reasons: **

  1. You can graduate immediately and with a high grade.
  2. You have more time for your life, your passions and to grow as a person.
  3. You can win scholarships.
  4. You have time to start working and being independent.
  5. Save the money of the years out of course.
  6. You arrive young in the world of work, so that you can be more successful.
  7. You graduate without white hair.
  8. You don't have to suffer months for the exam. A week and away.
  9. You can take 4 exams off your back a month.
  10. You can teach those you love how to do the same thing.

Sales Page [University Method] ( article&utm_source=metodouniversitario.it1781580715295.3545=2.26.1554 -1951550799.1574820828)

1 Welcome to the 7 Day Exam Portal

Here's how to get started with 7 Day Exams!

2 How to use the 7 Days Exam platform

2 Tutorial on how to best use the Exam Platform in 7 Days

3 Reinforced Concrete Organization Manual

3 Organization of reinforced concrete

4 Legendary Cascade Patterns Manual

4 Legendary cascade patterns

5 Manual 30 e Lode with the Palazzo della Memoria

5 30 and praise with the palace of memory

6 Professional Exposure Manual

6 Occupational exposure

7 Manual The Secret Scheme of the University Method

7 The secret scheme of the university method

8 Manual The Student of Iron

8 Ferro's Student

9 Manual The Student Grinder of Exams

9 The student grinder of exams

10 Extra The Successful Student's Bible

10 The bible of the successful student

11 How to Make the Most of Bonus Videos

11 Bonuses and gifts

12 The Best of Method

12 How to Study Better and in Less Time 13 Find out how to boost your memory! 14 Find out how to eliminate anxiety about the exam 15 Study Method Course The study protocol (no opinions). 15 Course on the Study Method The protocol for studying (no opinions) 16 Study Method Course How to take notes, saving time and effort 17 Course on the Study Method Why studying with waterfall schemes saves you time.mp4 18 Study Method Course How to Prepare to Memorize with a Mnemonic Map

13 Extra Bonus 1 Easy Degree

19.1 Introduction.mp4 19.2 Introduction.mp4 20 Organization - The Power of the Phases.mp4 21 The 3 Killer Vampires Sucking Information Out of the Heads of University Students.mp4 22 The 3 Monsters That Slow Student Understanding.mp4 23 the 3 Mistakes of Students in Crisis that make the Professor feel that they have not studied enough.mp4

14 Extra Bonus 2 How to memorize a Map

24 Tutorial on how to store a map.mp4

15 Extra Bonus 3 The 5th Pillar of the Palazzo della Memoria

25 The Sandwich Scheme.mp4

16 Extra Bonus 4 Mentality 30 and Praise

26 Develop the right mindset to take 30 and praise! .Mp4

17 Extra Bonus 5 OCME juice

26 OCME Juice 1.mp4 27 OCME Juice 2.mp4 28 OCME Juice 3.mp4 29 OCME Juice 4.mp4 30 OCME Juice 5.mp4

18 Extra Bonus 6 Boost your Memory

31 The whole truth about Memory - Live course Andrea Acconcia.mp4 32 How to overcome the Fear of the Palace in 5 steps - Live course Giuseppe Moriello.mp4

19 Extra Bonus 7 Easy Language

33 Introduction.mp4 34 False Myths About Languages.mp4

20 Extra Bonus 8 What to do in the morning before the exam

35 Three ways to manage anxiety before the exam.mp4

Image of Metodo Universitario Giuseppe Moriello

Metodo Universitario  Giuseppe Moriello

Metodo Universitario  Giuseppe Moriello

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