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01 Apr 2020

Metapreneur by Matteo Pittaluga

  • Matteo Pittaluga's Metapreneur course teaches you how to ** attract the right people ** and always favorable opportunities. You will understand how to know the unconscious part of your mind (the one that determines 90% of your results),
  • It will teach you how to break away from time or overcome the stress of challenges and finally, it will teach you how to ** raise your aura **.
    • You will also discover how to manage relationships with others in the best way, discover how to push away the people who take away your energy and ** and how to let the right ones ** enter your life. You cannot miss this course.
    • You will become a ** Metapreneur ** and be a living magnet for anyone who wants to do business with you and enter your world.


** Over 6 hours of course divided into 60+ lessons **

  • ** MODULE 1 **: Who I am and how I create my reality
  • ** MODULE 2 **: From survival to CREATION mode
  • ** MODULE 3 **: Create your reality, how to do it in a practical way
  • ** MODULE 4 **: Become a magnet


Digital Marketing teacher, entrepreneur and expert in web traffic. Over 30,000 students followed to date. Founder of Marketing Genius , the largest digital marketing education platform in Italian.

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Metapreneur by Matteo Pittaluga

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