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02 Apr 2020

Video Courses Masterclass - Alessandro Zamboni

** Learn How To Create A Complete Video Course **** That Sells For You Even When You're Not At Your Computer **** and Start Earning Every Month! **

** I Have Been Launching Courses In The United States For 11 Years, and I Got Massive Sales On The Two Most Popular Networks. **

** Creating Courses Means… ** Having Low Starting Costs

Basically, you will only pay for advertising, but if you launch advertising in America, not you need. Affiliates take care of it directly. I have not paid advertising in the US since 2008. No Inventories To Manage

With your courses, you have no inventory or product list to manage, reorder or delete from catalog. Once created, your courses always remain online

Once you create your course or funnel, and put it online, you can sell at any time of day, even while you sleep. It is the beauty of creating courses; after the initial work you will only have to manage your contacts with customers as and when you want. You can work from anywhere in the world

This is one of the greatest satisfactions. You can launch your courses like a true digital nomad, or simply when you are traveling for pure pleasure. All you need is a laptop and an internet connection.

When I chose to become an online marketer, and launch courses in America, the best day is when I quit my job to be free again. Goodbye to tight schedules, to the boss who asked me for the moon, and to all my colleagues who gossiped about me when I wasn't there. In one shot I got rid of everything. What are you waiting for? This is one of the greatest joys of becoming an online course creator!

Module 01 - Introduction

  1. Welcome to the course
  2. Running is for starting
  3. High Ticket VS Low Ticket
  4. Make yourself known Module 02 - Finding Ideas

  1. Course Ideas, Part 1
  2. Course Ideas, Part 2
  3. Ideas for quick products
  4. Reverse Engineer of a winning product Module 03 - Course Creation

  1. Understanding the Funnels
  2. Table of contents
  3. Draw an eCover
  4. The perfect sales letter
  5. Build the sales page with ClickFunnels, Part 1
  6. Build the sales page with ClickFunnels, Part 2
  7. Selling on JVZoo
  8. Selling on WarriorPlus
  9. Create secure download pages
  10. Pre-launch phase
  11. Find affiliates who sell for us Module 04 - Launch of a Live Course in the USA

  1. I launch my live course, Part 1
  2. I launch my live course, Part 2
  3. I launch my live course, Part 3
  4. I launch my live course, Part 4
  5. I launch my live course, Part 5
  6. I launch my live course, Part 6 Module 05 - Case Studies

  1. Case Study Italian Course
  2. American Case Study Course Module 06 - Bonus

  1. Bonus 1 - Download Page Creation Software for WordPress
  2. Bonus 2 - Software To Protect Download Pages

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