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03 Apr 2020

Marketing to the Affluent 2.0 � Bigluca & Dan Kennedy

Did you know that 22% of Italian families hold over 55% of all income earned in the country? This means that over half of the national income is generated by a very small group.

Have you ever thought that you could use this figure to make a lot of cash?

The few entrepreneurs who have understood this are now earning a lot of money.

In Marketing to the Affluent Dan Kennedy reveals in fact how to exploit this niche of people who hold most of the money on the market - and have no problem separating from it -.

This is a rapidly growing new spending class that will make your business revenue skyrocket.

Through the modules of this course you will find out where wealthy consumers are, how to find them and how to attract them by repositioning your business and your products.

But let me give you a little taste of what you will learn:

  • The behavior of the buyer and his psychology;
  • The reasons for purchasing the various sectors of the market;
  • The decision-making factors and reasons why the rich prefer one seller over another;
  • Much more … If you are wondering if this course is for you or not, allow me to answer you in a simple and direct way.

Of course yes!

In fact, this is where the real money is!

If you want to become rich, this is the only way: that is to follow the path - foolproof - traced by a world-famous Master, who grinds tons of dollars and who churns out other millionaire entrepreneurs every day.

So, let's recap who this course is for.

For anyone with a strong and serious interest in reaching more affluent customers and getting their business off the ground. Among others, for example:

  • Financial advisors
  • Investment professionals
  • Doctors, dentists and chiropractors
  • Workers in the health professions
  • Freelancers of all kinds
  • Luxury goods retailers
  • Restoration and renovation experts
  • Anyone who does marketing for parents
  • Anyone planning to start a new business
  • Anyone who practices e-commerce and online marketing
  • Small business owners and entrepreneurs
  • Authors, speakers, coaches and consultants
  • Various dealers
  • Architects
  • Lawyers
  • Broker In fact, one of the biggest problems for each of these categories is the lack of sales. Sales determine whether a company is successful or not.

However, if you sell $ 1 or $ 2 items, you'll have to flounder to survive through massive sales.

For this reason, every company should have at least one high-cost product in their offering.

By selling even one of these high-margin products, you can get a lot of profit to easily pay rent, bills, salaries, suppliers, etc …

In the end, every sale involves the same effort - whether you are selling a 1 euro or 1 million euro product. The amount of time and energy invested is the same.

So, we might as well use that energy to earn more, right? This is why it is important to expressly address the rich. Because they are the segment of the population that has large amounts of money and usually can't wait to spend it.

Image of Marketing to the Affluent 2.0 Bigluca & Dan Kennedy

Marketing to the Affluent 2.0  Bigluca & Dan Kennedy

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