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04 Apr 2020

Low Content Publishing System � Vittorio Barbano

Lessons from the LC Publishing System choir

Module1 Welcome

An introduction to your path The 4 Stages Of Your Path Your 4 Personalized Support Systems

Modulo2 The Basics and the Winning Strategy

Your Publishing Business The 3 Secret Principles of Success How To Take This Course For Guaranteed Success The whole process from A to Z

Modulo3 The mentality of the Infallible Entrepreneur

An Introduction to the Entrepreneurial Mindset How to GUARANTEE Your Success The Science Of Bankruptcy How to reprogram your mind to get everything you want Here's How Failure Is Made Impossible

Module4 The initial organization

How to Create Your Amazon KDP Account How To Create Your Amazon Advertising Account To Put Your Book In Front Of Thousands of People How to Get Paid

Modulo5 Here are all the various business strategies

The “Low Content” The “Full Content” A LIVE Look Into My Computer To Understand Even Better

Modulo6 How to Select Your Keywords in an Infallible Way

All you need to know about “Niches” All You Need To Know About Sub-Niches Let's analyze the keywords in detail ALL Various Types of Keywords How to evaluate a keyword and know in advance that it will succeed The Exact Strategy To Search Your Keywords Watch Me Search and Find Live Keywords From My Computer

Modulo7 How To Create An Irresistible Title For Your Book

How To Create A Title That “Captures” The Customer's Attention The Formula For The Subtitle That Separates From The Competition Watch Me LIVE From My Computer While I Analyze In Detail Book Titles and Subtitles on Amazon

Modulo8 The Low Content Strategy For Fast Results

The Low Content Matrix A Detailed Analysis of All Types of Low Content Books A LIVE Analysis from My Computer of Various Low Content Books An Introduction to the Production Process of a Low Content Book The 5 Phases of the Delegation How To Produce A Highest Quality Book For Under $ 50 The “Shutterstock” Method How to Order Your Book on Upwork How to Order Your Book on Workana Watch Me LIVE While Analyzing A Low Content Manuscript Watch Me LIVE As I Reveal 2 Low Content Manuscripts Ready To Publish

Modulo9 The Full Content Strategy to Accumulate Great Passive Income Every Month

Let's See The Complete Process For Producing A Full Content Book What is “The Outline” and How to Do It How To Get Your Book Produced In The Best Way Possible All You Need to Know About Editing and Formatting Watch Me Analyze LIVE A Full Content Book Series Here's How To Order Your Book In The Best Possible Way

Modulo10 Here are all the secrets to create a cover that annihilates the competition

The Formula To Create The Ideal Cover Exactly How To Order Your Cover

Modulo11 How to Create A Description That Sells Your Book Automatically

Here's Why The Description Is So Important The Header Of The Description The Body Of The Description The main points of the description How To Remove ANY Objection The Customer May Have How To Make A Good Call To Action Let's analyze together a series of descriptions LIVE on Amazon How To Best Format Your Book Description

Modulo12 Your Personalized Publishing Strategy

How To Create Your Own Avatar Client The Importance and Structure of Your Network Of Topics Here's What You Have To Do After A Winning Book

Modulo13 Everything You Need to Know About Your Book Publishing Process

How to Publish Your Book on Amazon KDP

Modulo14 The Most Complete Guide Possible For Amazon Advertising

An Introduction to Ads on Amazon How To Become Foolproof With Amazon Ads Here's Everything You Need To Know About Amazon Advertising Keywords The Complete Explanation Of The Bidding System Here's How To Create The Copy For Your Ads The “Also-Boughts” Secret Revealed The Secrets Of The Algorithm

Modulo15 The Most Complete Guide To KDP and ACX Reviews

Here's Everything You Need To Know About Amazon Reviews Reviews on KDP Here's How to Create a Perfect Launch How To Make A Perfect Promotion For Your Book The ABZ Method To Get Unlimited Reviews And Make Explosive Launches

Modulo16 Your Automated Review System

Here is the Secret to a Solid Business The Complete Introduction to E-Mail Marketing How to Create an Irresistible Lead Magnet The Complete Guide On Using The Autoresponder How to Communicate With Your List LIVE Lesson on Email Marketing

Modulo17 The Science of Bundles

The Full Explanation About Bundles How to Create the Perfect Title for Your Book How To Create The Best Cover For Your Bundle How To Create The Best Possible Description For Your Bundle How to Format Your Bundle Here's How To Put A Perfect Price On Your Bundle

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Low Content Publishing System  Vittorio Barbano

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