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06 Apr 2020

Investing in real estate - Alfio Bardolla

Investing in Real Estate is the first and only course in Italy to start investing correctly in the real estate sector.

Thanks to the best strategies used by me and my collaborators, you will discover how to be able to buy any property you want with at least 30% of the discount, and then resell it, at the latest within a few months, immediately collecting your profit.

Beginners and in general those who do not have clear ideas on how to invest in real estate, usually buy at market price and hope that the price will rise. We cross our fingers and go.

Without a strategy, without a precise goal, without a goal. No one I know has ever managed to create a successful business this way. Professional investors, on the other hand, never deviate from rule number 1:

Business is done when you buy, not when you sell

*** Course content ***

Chapter 1 | What is your goal?

1.0. Introduction to the course 1.1. Where do you put your focus 1.2. What is your goal? 1.3. Good debts and bad debts 1.4. How to get rich with real estate 1.5. Operations with and without money 1.6. Rent to Rent and Rentals

Chapter 2 | How to find your property

2.1. How to evaluate a property 2.2. Valuation per square meter 2.3. Sites on which to search for properties and how to do it 2.4. Determination of the Street Price

3.1. Premises

3.1. Premises 3.2. The urban regularity 3.3. Cadastral regularity 3.4. Certificate of viability, APE and compliance of the systems 3.5. Other aspects

Chapter 4 | The risks of the purchase

4.1. The risks of the purchase you need to pay attention to 4.2. The condominium 4.3. Mortgages and Transcripts 4.4. Preliminary price quotas: civil and fiscal differences 4.5. Donations and inheritances 4.6. Preemptions 4.7. Buildings to be built 4.8. Failure 4.9. In summary what you need to watch

Chapter 5 | The moment of the proposal

5.1. How to deal with the moment of the proposal 5.2. Terms of the proposal: Articles 1 and 2 5.3. Terms of the proposal: Articles 5, 6 and 7 5.4. Terms of the proposal: Articles 9, 10 and 12

Chapter 6 | Tax Aspects

6.1. The Tax Aspects related to the purchase 6.2. Tax aspects related to possession 6.3. Tax Aspects Related to the Sale and Notary Fees

Module 7 | Real Estate Marketing

7.1. What is real estate marketing and who is it for? 7.2. Is it better to sell alone or with an agent? 7.3. How to sell fast 7.4. Introduction to home staging 7.5. Valorization tools 7.6. Virtual home staging VS real home staging 7.7. Case history

Chapter 8 | The numbers of operations

8.1. How to build your Income Statement and your Cash Flow 8.2. How to calculate ROI and ROE 8.3. How to finance and the role of the broker

9. ABTG's Contracts

  1. The Contracts

Chapter 10. How the Auction Market Works

10.1. What are auctions and the myths to dispel 10.2. Where the auctions are held and what are the types 10.3. The technical terms to know 10.4. How to select properties 10.5. How do you read an expert opinion 10.6. What to watch out for 10.7. How to participate in an auction 10.8. Telematic auctions 10.9. What happens after the award

Chapter 11 | What is the compromise assignment

11.1. Selling a right, not a property 11.2. A practical example 11.3. A few numbers (economic analysis, financial exposure, ROI and ROE) 11.4. The rules for the compromise assignment 11.5. Registration of the contract and payment of taxes

Chapter 12 | What is the real estate excerpt

12.1. What is the real estate excerpt and the characteristics of the property to be removed 12.2. How delegation works 12.3. Negotiation with creditors 12.4. The closing of the agreement 12.5. How the no Money Down excerpt works

Chapter 13 | What is Rent to Rent

13.1. What Rent to Rent means 13.2. Types of rent 13.3. Steps and process creation 13.4. Budget, feasibility and works 13.5. Legal entities and types of contracts 13.6. The sales phases 13.7. Investment / earnings and opportunity ratio



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Investing in real estate - Alfio Bardolla

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