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02 Apr 2020

Ignazio Munz� - Book Business Formula

What if there was a way to sell and make money on Amazon, without all the downsides of Amazon FBA?

In Italy it is almost unknown, I'm talking about Kindle Publishing, what I think is the best business to start earning online. With Kindle Publishing, you can create a semi-passive income by selling books through the Amazon platform.

You have very high margins (up to 70%) and you don't have to manage relationships with factories, you don't have to organize international shipments, you don't have to deal with customs, you don't have to invest thousands and thousands of euros to bring your product to market . "

Module 01 - The Basics

  • Welcome to the Course
  • The Right Mindset You Absolutely Must Have
  • The Best Way to Study This Course
  • How This Business Works
  • Let's Talk About Money - Exactly How To Make At Least $ 1000 a Month Selling on Amazon Kindle
  • Kindle Publishing FAQs
  • How long will it take you? Here are the timing
  • How to Register on KDP
  • VAT number??
  • What You Will Find In This Form
  • The Fundamental Concept You Must Understand to Succeed on Amazon
  • Better Niches to Enter
  • Niches to Avoid
  • How the Keywords Search Process Works (Exactly What to Watch)
  • The Strategy to Follow to Conquer your Niche
  • Keywords you absolutely must not use
  • LIVE Keywords Search
  • METHOD 1 - Search Keywords Using Categories
  • METHOD 2 - Search Keywords with the Related Method
  • METHOD 3 - Search Keywords with the Suggestion Method
  • METHOD 4 - Search Keywords with Audible Best Sellers
  • How To Easily Overcome Your Competitors
  • Everything You Will Need to Rank High in Search
  • How To Find Profitable Keywords Quickly Using KDSPY
  • My Tool for Finding Profitable Keywords Fast
  • How to Copy the Profitable Keywords of Your Competitors

Module 03 - Creation of the Book

  • What You Will Find In This Form
  • How to Write the Perfect Title for Your Book
  • Choose the contents of your book by doing market research
  • Effective Strategies for Writing Your Book Subtitle
  • Everything You Will Need to Publish E-Books and Paperbacks
  • 3 Methods to Create Your Product
  • How Many Words Must Your Book Be?
  • How to Create a Detailed Outline for the Writer
  • Choose the Right Pseudonym
  • The Writing Company I Use and Recommend
  • Another Writing Company You Can Use
  • Format Your Book
  • Optimize Your Book to Receive Reviews
  • How to Create the Perfect Cover
  • Examples of Quality Covers
  • How to Write the Perfect Description to Generate Sales
  • How to Format Your Description
  • How to Choose the 2 Categories for Your Book
  • How to Choose the 7 Keywords for Your Book
  • Copyright page? Images? Plagiarism Report?

Module 04 - Publication of the Book

  • What You Will Find In This Form
  • How to Publish the E-Book Version
  • Should You Really Choose KDP Select?
  • How to Publish the Paperback Version
  • All You Need To Know About Pricing Strategies
  • Don't absolutely make this mistake

Module 05 - Launch of the Book

  • What You Will Find In This Form
  • How to Launch Your Book
  • Why Reviews Are Important
  • Get Reviews - Gray Methods
  • Where to Hire a VA
  • Launch process with a Virtual Assistant
  • Get Reviews - White Methods
  • How to Create a PPC Ad to Launch and Promote Your Book
  • PPC, CPC, CTR - The Terms You Need To Know To Advertise Online
  • What to do when your ad is online
  • How to Optimize Your Campaigns to Earn More
  • Exactly What To Do To Launch Your Book

Module 06 - Publication of the Audiobook

  • What You Will Find In This Form
  • Why You Must Also Sell the Audio Book Version
  • Registering on ACX - How to Obtain an American Address for Free
  • Registering on ACX - How to Get an American Bank Account
  • Register on ACX - How to Obtain an American TAX ID
  • How to Produce an Audiobook with ACX
  • How to Prize Your Audio Book
  • Find the Perfect Narrator
  • How to Pay Your Narrator
  • Retail Audio Sample - What it is and Why it is very important
  • Increase the Perceived Value of your Audiobook with Attachments
  • Strategies for Stretching Your Audiobooks in a Legal and Ethical Way
  • How to Get Reviews for Your Audiobook

Module 07 - Advanced Strategies

  • What You Will Find In This Form
  • Average Earnings per Book
  • Why You Don't Want a Single Product
  • Quick Growth Strategies
  • The Right Way to Create a Bundle
  • How To Make Money With Translated Books
  • How to Sell Your Every Book to Your Every Client
  • How to reach 10K Per Month

Form 08 - AMS Advertising

  • My Strategy for Using AMS Profitable
  • The only metric you need to look at
  • STEP 1: Find Profitable Keywords for your Ad
  • How to Find Hundreds of Keywords in 5 Minutes or Less
  • STEP 2: Create a Test Announcement
  • The Strategy to Follow to Optimize the Bid
  • Should You Offer Much or Little? Pros and Cons of the 2 Methods
  • Because spending more is NOT the solution
  • How to Decide When to Stop a Keyword
  • STEP 3: Create a Performing Ad
  • How to Write Copy to Get More Clicks
  • The importance of refreshing your ad
  • Explanation of the timing of an announcement
  • Follow These 10 Steps to Sell More Copies Using AMS
  • The importance of the Book Description
  • Broad, Phrase or Exact? Full Explanation of Match Types

Module 09 - Downloadable Materials

  • The entire STEP-BY-STEP.pdf Publishing Process
  • Templates for Communications in English.pdf
  • Tool to Find Profitable Keywords Apple Version
  • Tool to Find Profitable Keywords Version for Excel.xlsx
  • Templates for Hiring a VA.pdf
  • Optimize Your Pay Per Click Ads.pdf
  • Keywords.xlsx Search Table
  • Suggested Prices.pdf
  • Template for Writing the Perfect Description.pdf
  • Templates for Writing the Perfect Subtitle.pdf
  • What To Do If Your Book Doesn't Sell.pdf

Image of Ignazio Munz - Book Business Formula

Ignazio Munz - Book Business Formula

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