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06 Apr 2020

Big Luca's Psychological War

If you are coaches, consultants, freelancers, gurus, information vendors, smoke dealers, scammers, escorts, various experts on anything well, this is the course for you.

** You may feel cool not taking it but you're actually stupid. **

This information is responsible (partially or completely) for soaring increases in the consulting fees of many of my students in both the US and Italian markets.

List of Psychological Warfare course lessons:

  • Introduction
  • Rules
  • The Switch You MUST Make 1
  • The Switch you MUST make 2
  • Your role
  • Your genesis (Who you are)
  • Positioning
  • Legends 1
  • Legends 2
  • Legends 3
  • What NOT to do 1
  • What NOT to do 2
  • What NOT to do 3
  • Because they give you money
  • Familiarity and friendship
  • Qualifications 1
  • Qualifications 2
  • Your LOOK 1
  • Your LOOK 2
  • Your LOOK 3
  • Secret cave
  • Buffer of time
  • They must apply
  • How to get paid 1
  • How to get paid 2
  • No to the retainer
  • Packages
  • Group Coaching

Image of Big Luca's Psychological War

Big Luca's Psychological War

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