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04 Apr 2020

Futures Trading (Basic + Advanced Course) by Bruno Moltrasio

The course was created by the will of Doctor Bruno Moltrasio who wishes to share his new innovative method of trading on Futures based on trading volumes. Analyzing what the giants are doing on the financial markets will be simple and replicable. To amplify the earnings it is necessary to refer to the financial leverage which represents the possibility of moving large capital while having a much lower sum on the account.

** It will be possible to follow: **

  • the basic course: suitable not only for those who start trading but also for those who are approaching the techniques based on trading volumes for the first time.

If you like this methodology you can move on to the next course.

  • the advanced level course: with which you will be able to learn how to identify the orders of the big players and how to follow their tracks.

Both start with a theoretical part explained step by step with an extremely simple language and within everyone's reach to then arrive at real trading techniques with volumes on Futures.

The course is aimed at anyone interested in understanding the financial market and all its components.

With Futures you can take advantage of leverage like no other instrument allows you to do.

Only with this course will you be able to learn how to manage it while keeping risk under control and making it become an ally of your trading. It will also be easy to find another trader to sell the contracts to. With Futures you can go upwards, also making use of the downturns, earning even when the market is not vigorous.

The videos are divided by topic, thus facilitating the review and you will have the opportunity to see them whenever you want to sit comfortably at home. To evaluate your learning level at the end of each video it will be possible to take a test.

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Image of Futures Trading (Basic + Advanced Course) by Bruno Moltrasio

Futures Trading (Basic + Advanced Course) by Bruno Moltrasio

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