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03 Apr 2020

Fruitful Agency at Ayoub Habcy 2020

** How to Get Started and Climb at 6 Annual Digits A Social Media Marketing Agency **

Lessons of the course.


  1. Welcome to Fruitful Agency
  2. How To Make The Most Of This Program
  3. Action Step 1

Step 1 - The Foundation For Success

  1. Mindset Mastery
  2. The Business Model
  3. Why will Businesses pay us from 1000 to 10,000 per month?
  4. Our Work
  5. Why is Facebook Ads the Best Choice for Our Customers?
  6. How We Generate Customers For Activities

Step 2 - Start Work (search for potential customers)

  1. What are the right customers vs the wrong ones?
  2. Gold Customers
  3. How To Spy On Online Business Marketing
  4. Which Niche to Choose
  5. Prepare the Action Plan (lead sourcing)

Step 3 - Positioning

  1. Who Are You?
  2. How to be perceived as the expert by any person
  3. Positioning errors
  4. Strategy of Positioning by Visualizing

Step 4 - Get Meetings Constantly

  1. The Outreach Modes
  2. How to Skip the secretary / o
  3. The Script to Say on the Phone To Get Meetings In 2 Minutes
  4. How to Get a Meeting 2 (by phone)
  5. Destroy Objections Over The Phone
  6. How to Use Linkedin to Close Meetings
  7. How To Close Meetings Through Emails
  8. How to Contact Through Messenger
  9. The Strategy to Make Your Activities Want You
  10. How to Schedule and Make ONLINE Meetings

Step 5 - Close Customers

  1. Meetings definition
  2. What NOT to do in a Meeting
  3. Offer Free Trial or NO?
  4. How To Close Customers After Free Trial
  5. The Strategy To Make Your Potential Customer Want You (No Free Trial)
  6. The Script To Close Any Close Deal At First Meeting
  7. Pattern Interrupt
  8. How Much Do We Pay?
  9. The Followup

Step 6 - Creating Winning Facebook Ads

  1. How to Create PAYPAL Recurring Payment
  2. How to Create STRIPE Recurring Payment
  3. How to Create Page and Business Manager Correctly
  4. We study the Facebook Business Manager + Add Customers
  5. We study the Facebook Ads Manager
  6. Pixel creation and configuration
  7. The 3 Targetizations From Best To Worst
  8. Custom Audience Creation
  9. Lookalike Audience Creation
  10. Saved Audience Creation
  11. Funnel Haking Competitors. How To Do It Right
  12. The Best Funnels
  13. The Landing Pages
  14. Find the offer that converts
  15. Ad Creation That Converts 1 (Facebook Landing Page)
  16. How to Become a Copywriting Expert
  17. How To Do Split Testing
  18. How to Optimize an Ad
  19. How to Climb an Ad
  20. To Lower The Price As It Goes Up 1
  21. Lower The Price As It Goes Up 2

Step 7 - Constantly Generating Customers to Our Customers

  1. What are Custom Conversions and How to Create Them
  2. Custom Conversions vs Standard Events
  3. Creating Ad That Converts 2
  4. Website Verso Landing Page
  5. Landing Page Creation with Clickfunnels
  6. How to automate the sending of leads to the customer
  7. How to keep customers in the deadline place

Image of Fruitful Agency at Ayoub Habcy 2020

Fruitful Agency at Ayoub Habcy 2020

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