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01 Apr 2020

Freedom Formula X by Mik Cosentino


It is the course that will teach you how to scale your business by creating your own book, your high-cost webinar, and your live seminar.

I will teach you my 7 Marketing Strategies (never mentioned) with which I have increased my flow of customers, I have really drastically raised the prices, and I have forced my competition to withdraw. Something never seen before!

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** Mik Cosentino - Author of Freedom Formula X **

After having ** dominated ** the national and international swimming scene, shattering Italian records and ending up on the most important sports TVs such as ** La Rai ** and ** Mediaset **, wearing the shirt of the Italian national team numerous times, Mik Cosentino, today , after hanging up the costume, help ** thousands of people ** every single month to believe more in themselves and in their passions by transforming them into Business Online. Through the most advanced techniques that Mik studies overseas and adapted to the Italian market with a pinch of ingenuity and inventiveness, Mik has already changed the lives of thousands of people!

Image of Freedom Formula X by Mik Cosentino

Freedom Formula X by Mik Cosentino

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