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02 Apr 2020

Flag Strategy - Luca Taglialatela

Reduce ** Taxation by up to 100% ** with the internationalization strategy that will take your business off the ground ** by tripling your revenue ** thanks to the same outrageous tax savings applied by multinationals

Chartered Accountant, Auditor, Tax Consultant Expert in E-commerce and web taxation in general. Consultant specialized in national and international tax matters. Activities carried out: Opinion on Italian Tax Law queries (Corporate - - Income Tax, Registration Tax, VAT), M&A and LBO Transactions (Tax implications), Annual tax return, Transfer Pricing, Taxation of non-profit entities, etc. etc.


  1. ** Transfer of Residence **: how to move abroad by bringing the personal income tax to 0%
  2. ** Offshore Structures **: how to build offshore structures that make you pay 0% corporate income tax.
  3. ** Offshore accounts **: how to move in the OECD information exchange context 4) ** Asset Protection **: protect assets from personal creditors, tax agencies and inheritance taxes
  4. ** Dual Citizenship **: don't risk losing your personal freedom ** 6) Money Handling: ** what is the correct way to move money without making a fuss
  5. ** Top 20 tax havens **: The best countries to move to and do Business… ..and those to stay away from.
  6. ** Geo-arbitrage **: how to get an extra € 15,000 to € 60,000 in your wallet without having to do anything other than buy a plane ticket.

WE WILL ALSO TALK ABOUT: “Schumacher” residents, Esterovestizione, Relocation, Holdings, European Directives, Hidden Permanent Organizations, Digital tax, Intercompany financing, Passive incomes, Intellectual property right, Business Restructuring, Hybrid mismatch, Elusive structures (OECD and EU), Panino “Dutch”, The strategies of multinationals, The CFC countries

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