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02 Apr 2020

Ecom Academy - the school for Apollonius

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** Learn how to launch a successful eCommerce ** EcomAcademy is the first advanced academy in Italy that teaches you to launch a profitable eCommerce even if you start from scratch. Our mission is to make you our successful case study, as we do with all our students.

** The System To Launch Your Successful eCommerce And Generate Your First 200 Sales **

** Ludo Apollonio is an entrepreneur specializing in eCommerce. In the last 2 years he has founded several eCommerce brands generating a 7-figure turnover and managed more than 1 million in online advertising. He is known in America as one of the most promising Italian digital entrepreneurs. He is often invited as a speaker in the advanced masterminds of the best marketers in the world. The list of people who have achieved results with his mentorships is very long. After these results, he founded EcomAcademy: The leading online academy for creating a successful eCommerce. **

The mindset for success

  • Welcome! It starts from here!
  • The 3 myths of our society
  • Buying psychology
  • Generic store or specific store?

Create your millionaire eCommerce

  • How to open a shop on Shopify without making mistakes
  • How to choose a memorable name
  • How to set up the domain
  • The theme that generated $ 500,000
  • The fundamental pages for selling
  • How to create store pages
  • How to set up store pages
  • Turn your eCommerce into a real brand
  • How to set title and meta description for SEO
  • How to customize the store without wasting precious time
  • What price to choose for your product?
  • Synchronize your first product
  • How to import a product with Oberlo without errors
  • How to write a description that sells
  • Last steps to get your store ready
  • The apps to make money

Find your winning product

  • How to recognize a millionaire product
  • NEVER sell this type of product
  • How to choose the right supplier
  • How to find a millionaire product on Facebook
  • Search products on Facebook with secret keywords
  • How to find winning products with Salesource
  • How to find winning products with EcomHunt
  • How to find winning products with AdSpy
  • How to find winning products with Commafeed
  • Where to get inspiration to find winning products
  • Let the winning product find you

The basics

  • Set up the Business Manager
  • Set up the Facebook Pixel
  • Payment methods
  • The objectives of the campaign
  • Set the report column
  • Create your Facebook page

Targeting strategies

  • Identify your ideal customer
  • How audience insight works
  • Reach an audience ready to buy

The testing phase

  • Introduction to testing
  • How to test without wasting budget
  • How to create video ads that sell
  • Create a video step by step
  • The formula for testing a product
  • How to read data and make decisions
  • How to create a Thumbnail that attracts attention

The scaling phase

  • How to scale without ruining profits
  • Climb with the lookalike audience
  • Scaling technique: The mountaineer
  • Scaling technique: The castle
  • Scaling technique: CBO
  • Climb globally
  • Scale with multiple ad accounts


  • How Retargeting works
  • Turn the curious into customers

Order and customer management

  • How to manage orders
  • How to pay for shipments and orders
  • How to track the shipment of orders
  • What to respond to customers

Your automatic eCommerce

  • Create your empire
  • Hire your first collaborator
  • How to better manage your team
  • How to handle any issues
  • How to reset your tax burden
  • When to open a company
  • Which current accounts to open
  • Create a brand that thrives over the long term
  • How to sell your store

Image of Ecom Academy - the school for Apollonius

Ecom Academy - the school for Apollonius

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