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06 Apr 2020

Dropshipping Starter Pack � Thomas Macorig

Plan, structure, launch and expand your ** dropshipping business ** with a step-by-step process that will take you from scratch to an advanced level. The over 40 lessons that you will find within the ** Dropshipping Starter Pack **, together with the support of a coach 7 days a week, will give you the opportunity to take your dropshipping business to another level.


A path of video lessons that will give you the opportunity to launch your profitable dropshipping business. All the lessons are linked together, in order to create a real step-by-step path that you just have to follow to the letter.

** Topics covered: ** all the basics to understand how this business model works; how you will have to think and act to get results; how to choose the perfect products and where to buy them; how to build a store with Shopify in detail; how to manage the social networks (Instagram and Facebook) of the store; how to structure, launch and scale Facebook / Instagram ads; how to delegate your work to make it automated and how to make the leap. The lessons will be accessible from a PC and through a dedicated app. Once you have purchased the course you will need to create an account and you can watch the lessons as many times as you want from any device.

Image of Dropshipping Starter Pack Thomas Macorig

Dropshipping Starter Pack  Thomas Macorig

Download the Dropshipping Starter Pack Thomas Macorig for only 47.

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