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04 Apr 2020

Checkmate Course by Lorenzo Stefanetti

Checkmate more than a course is a real method that will allow you to create your marketing agency from scratch and, above all, to make it a very successful agency.


The “Checkmate” system provides multiple tools including:

  • Over 40 video lessons in which you will be explained all the step by step steps that will give you the opportunity to completely revolutionize your business.
  • A site for your agency identical to the one used by Checkmate in addition to statistics files that will allow you to track your results. If that weren't enough, even a software that will calculate the LTV for you or the value of the customer for life.
  • The presence of a Facebook group where you can compare yourself with other students and two dedicated coaches who will help you in your time of need.
  • The possibility of an hour of consultation directly with Lorenzo Stefanetti.
  • Much more, including live Q&A every 14 days. ** LESSON CONTENT AND BENEFITS **

Over the course of over 40 lessons you will face a complete path that will take you from acquiring the theoretical foundations on Social Media Marketing to mastering the practical tools that will allow you to manage your agency in full autonomy.


This course is aimed at all those who want to start a very successful path, supported by prestigious figures in the field of Social Media Marketing.

Image of Checkmate Course by Lorenzo Stefanetti

Checkmate Course by Lorenzo Stefanetti

Download the Checkmate Course by Lorenzo Stefanetti for only 87.

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