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03 Jun 2020

Privacy Course - Luigi Tech

Once privacy is compromised it is very difficult, if not impossible, to get private data that has become public on the internet.

Tails is the Linux-based operating system that integrates TOR, the onion routing system that allows you to access the internet without leaving traces and in particular your IP address.

I made an introductory video to Tails, in this course additional topics will be covered step-by-step such as:

  • how to install it on USB stick
  • how to enable persistence (Tails forgets everything after each reboot)
  • how to persistently install additional software
  • how to use TOR so that the output IP is from a specific country (eg USA, Italy, ..)
  • how to access the local network and various adjustments
  • how to manage the update
  • how to protect your mobile number and email
  • how to manage end-to-end encrypted communications
  • how to optimize your Android smartphone for privacy

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