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04 Apr 2020

CHICKEN ACTION course - Serghey Magala

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** The course is in VIDEO - COURSE format recorded and viewable on a specialized platform, in very high quality both audio and video. **

** Then you will find video lessons “on the blackboard”, explanations with slides, screen sharing, static and dynamic graphs, 600-page PDFs, technical indicators, tools for semi-automatic trading, will be available at the time of purchase! **

** Attention: ** included in part II of the course, in addition to all the theory and the 10 complete operational strategies, there will be an entire operational week of my trading with the explanation of each operation made! So ** practical applications **, ** real trading with my account **, don't scribble on the charts that others sell you!

The course is suitable for traders of all levels of preparation and experience. Also because practically all of the ** contents are unpublished **.

** Course content **

As soon as you have completed the purchase, you will receive:

    • 34 lessons including 20 on the blackboard and 14 with slides *
    • 572 minutes (9.5 hours) of chalkboard lessons *
    • 906 minutes (15 hours) lessons with the slides and on the trading platform *
    • 1478 minutes or 24.5 hours total (as if it were a live course of 4-5 full days !!!) of pure technical and unprecedented training (no trading psychology, no “trading plan”, no scribbles on the charts and other bullshit that the usual trading training has got us used to) *
    • 10 unpublished indicators *
    • 5 EA to open and manage operations in a semi-automatic way *
    • the system for testing the methodologies learned on historical series from the year 2000 to today, trading the signals by hand and eventually obtaining an equity and report of the results, to be saved and analyzed! *

Image of CHICKEN ACTION course - Serghey Magala

CHICKEN ACTION course - Serghey Magala

Download the CHICKEN ACTION course - Serghey Magala for only 97.

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