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03 Apr 2020

Corso Matched Betting Revolution � Nicholas Bianconi

Lessons of the course

Matched Betting Revolution

  • Introduction to the course

Basics of matched betting

  • What is matched betting?
  • What do you need to do matched betting?
  • Matched betting platforms
  • Platforms: let's take a ride
  • In-depth study: affiliation to Guadagno Matematico
  • We understand what an exchange is
  • Possible earnings
  • Do matched betting without a platform?
  • Taxation in matched betting

The methods of earning

  • Welcome bonus
  • Recurring bonuses
  • Personal bonuses
  • Profiling for personal bonuses
  • Ninjabet forum personal bonuses
  • Surebets
  • Casino and slot bonuses
  • Secret / additional bonuses
  • Non-ADM sites

Platforms and tools

  • Ninjabet Oddsmatcher
  • Dutcher Ninjabet
  • Multiple Ninjabet 1
  • Ninjabet 2 multiplier
  • Oddsmatcher Mathematical gain
  • Multiple Mathematical Gain 1
  • Multiple mathematical gain 2
  • Ninjabet profit tracker
  • Profit tracker Mathematical gain

Bonus exploitation strategies

  • Bet get
  • Practical example: bet get
  • Rollover strategy
  • Practical example: rollover strategy
  • Advanced rollover strategy
  • Practical example: advanced rollover strategy
  • No advanced rollover strategy on Mathematical Gain
  • Multiple strategy
  • Practical example: multiple strategy
  • Refund strategy
  • Practical example: refund strategy
  • Higher odds strategy
  • Practical example: high odds strategy

Data and finance management

  • Account and card
  • PayPal account
  • Limit of deposits via Paypal
  • Financial tools needed
  • Financial strategy
  • Google / Gmail account
  • Matched betting payments
  • Data and password

Track your earnings professionally

  • Earnings sheet introduction
  • Earnings schedule planning
  • Execution of earnings sheet
  • End of month earnings sheet
  • Next month earnings sheet
  • Track earnings sheet offers
  • Manage earnings sheet errors

Let's talk about multi-accounts

  • From earning method to “scalable business”
  • Multi-account gain estimates
  • Multiaccount business model
  • Multiaccount requirements
  • Important clarifications on multiaccount

Advanced tips and solved problems

  • Bank not combinable
  • Tip-tip instead of tip-bank for matched
  • Efficiency in combined refunds
  • Efficiency in combined rollover and classic tip-bank
  • Efficiency in multiples
  • When to send documents
  • How to manage multiples (error from 200 )
  • Never take things for granted
  • Freebet
  • Gubbling and anti-gubbling
  • Bet limits
  • Multiple not matched 2 times
  • Earn 40 more with Bwin
  • Earn with Betfair Sportbook bonuses

Mistakes not to make

  • Mistakes not to be made introduction
  • Error 15 bonus with multiple that requires two events simultaneously
  • Error 20 equal bank share
  • Error 20 tip-to-tip with limitations
  • Error 30 use pre-existing bonus for recurring or personal
  • Error 250 bonus / bonus rollover expiration -50 welcome offer

Image of Corso Matched Betting Revolution Nicholas Bianconi

Corso Matched Betting Revolution  Nicholas Bianconi

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