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02 Apr 2020

Maximum Income Course - Luca Lixi

** The only truly solid, serious and sustainable system to obtain a REAL income from your capital **. To supplement your annual income from work / retirement or, if your capital allows it, live entirely on an annuity.

The objective of Maximum Annuity is NOT to invest 400,000 (for example), accepting risk and volatility, to have increased capital that we will “unlock” in 20-30-40 years.

** The goal of Maximum Annuity is to invest 400,000 with the aim of obtaining a constant and solid income, starting immediately, of 20,000 per year, EVERY YEAR, FOREVER **. (And a moderate increase in capital, to defend ourselves from inflation)

Our priority is the INCOME, the flow of money in the form of coupons and dividends resulting from the investment of your capital, every year, forever, in your current account.

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** What will you find within Maximum Annuity **? **2. Dividend calendar ** ** 3. Model portfolios for annuity ** ** 4. Operational alerts ** ** 5. Monthly Analysis Report ** ** 6. Rentiers Community **

Image of Maximum Income Course - Luca Lixi

Maximum Income Course - Luca Lixi

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