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04 Apr 2020

Entrepreneur Course authored by Piernicola De Maria

Entrepreneur Author is the course held by Piernicola De Maria. He is the author of two books “If Only They Let You Work” and “Personal Effectiveness” and thanks to his publishing house, he has introduced many masterpieces to let people, whether they be Entrepreneurs, Experts or Professionals, know how to write and publish a book independently.

The purpose of ** Piernicola De Maria ** is to invite people to a meeting in Milan to discuss the concrete and profitable process of arriving with your own book. He writes a long letter specifying the seven reasons why it should be written:

  • Great product full of information;
  • Means that ensures you are paid even while you sleep;
  • Unlimited source of contacts who read the book and want to know more;
  • Interviews, reviews, advertisements offered at the end of the book;
  • For a marketing strategy the book is an excellent way to make yourself known;
  • Guarantee for those who want to introduce you to other people;
  • Grants power in your industry by making you an expert in the field. The Entrepreneur Author course allows you to achieve the goal of writing a book in a fraction of the time and without actually having the ability to write like a real author. There are knowledge that each of us has within us, which we do not believe we have. This knowledge is the basis to start writing together with the 20-hour course held live in Milan by De Maria. Through his course you will receive many tips that will allow you to have an excellent realization of the book.

You will learn specifically how to assign a title that is strategic and that catches the reader's attention. Understanding which topics to focus on and which to discard, in order to make the content interesting in the eyes of those who have to read it. Whether to self-publish your book or to rely on a publishing house.

How to reuse written topics up to a maximum of 5 times in order to create more content and volume. Through the proposed course you will be entitled to the Home study version at a value of 997, you will have at your disposal the Process Sheets which are guidelines in PDF format and also the special WEBINAR which are tips on what is best to do that helps you to make decisions worth 197.

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Image of Entrepreneur Course authored by Piernicola De Maria

Entrepreneur Course authored by Piernicola De Maria

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