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04 Apr 2020

Course Turnovered by Panico by Antonio Panico

** If You Are A Salesman, An Entrepreneur, Or A Freelancer ** YOU SHOULD NOT Throw In The Towel ** Before Reading This Confidential Letter I Wrote Specially For You *** (I'll Tell You How To Sell Without Being, Of course, a marketing or blog expert …) *

Antonio Panico works alongside large companies and helps them increase their turnover thanks to a sales strategy protocol called Fatturati da Panico. In his digital course, he teaches how to create a successful business, thanks to the sales model he created and used in 20 years of career as a salesman.

The course is aimed at entrepreneurs, sellers, freelancers and networkers; and is structured in 8 steps: the first explains how to sell effectively without intimidating the customer and the importance of the right customers (targeting); the second deals with the various stages of the sale; in the third, how to manage the customer's doubts and objections; the fourth explains 3 very effective sales models and some tricks to win the competition; in the fifth you learn how to expose yourself to the customer in a calm way and transmit tranquility and security; in the sixth, how to quickly and effectively close the sale; in the seventh how to keep the customer even after the purchase; and finally in the eighth and last step, useful information is provided to establish itself in the market despite the leading companies already present, also thanks to good customer portfolio management.

For a successful business, it is important to know what is being sold in the smallest details, leveraging not so much on the technical characteristics of the product, but on the actual quality and advantageous price to attract the attention of the customer and entice him to purchase.

You will also learn what not to do: do not talk only about the characteristics of the product but first highlight the benefits, and then what differentiates it from other products of the same type (the customer does not care about the price or the material, he wants to understand how his life will improve if he buys from you).

Image of Course Turnovered by Panico by Antonio Panico

Course Turnovered by Panico by Antonio Panico

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