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04 Apr 2020

Complete Scalping Course -

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Course program

  • What is scalping - Theoretical lesson

The tools you need to become a successful scalper;

  • Difference between Scalping and intraday trading;
  • The mental attitude and the planning of objectives;
  • How to scalp with CFDs and Futures.

Getting in tune with the market thanks to the “Price action”;

  • The importance of patterns and Japanese candlesticks;
  • Research of key points on price charts;
  • The law of supply and demand: the Wyckoff method;
  • The art of reading graphs with the Pruden method;
  • Analysis of volumes in order to understand the positioning of the “market sharks”;
  • Always one step ahead: the analysis of index correlations;
  • Chart preparation: everything at your fingertips for better scalping.

The physical and mental conditions to operate in scalping;

  • Exercises to control our emotionality: when to operate and when to stay still;
  • Position Sizing: how many contracts to use based on your capital;
  • Money Management: from transaction management to risk control.

“Pre-Market” analysis: the check list of activities to be carried out before starting trading;

  • How to know what to expect from the session that is about to begin;
  • The importance of the Asian session;
  • Operate in European and American openings;
  • Analysis of the activity of strong hands and how to follow them;
  • In search of the best inputs in real time;
  • Analysis and explanation of each single operation;
  • Learn to recognize a trend and a counter-trend according to the analysis of volumes and how to take advantage of them;
  • Learn to calculate the exact price targets during the day;
  • Precision inputs and how to place stops and profits.

Image of Complete Scalping Course -

Complete Scalping Course -

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