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04 Apr 2020

Business Genetics course by Dario Vignali

Do you want to pursue a career as an entrepreneur or relaunch your business online, but you still don't know how to take advantage of web tools and design a successful business? For entrepreneurs of the future or for those who want to know online marketing in depth, the Business Genetics video-course, the summa for Italian businessmen, was created by Dario Vignali.

How the course is structured

Marketers’ Business Genetics video course personally created by Dario Vignali, one of the most influential men under 30 in the world of marketing and business, according to Forbes magazine. The Business Genetics course consists of seven modules, a sort of Bible for those who want to become an entrepreneur or for those who already are, but do not see their business take off. The seven modules contain over 70 video lessons, 15 hours of professional training and the possibility of obtaining exclusive content for one year to expand your online business.

What is it for? Dario Vignali's Business Genetics course serves you to gain awareness and trust and become a successful entrepreneur, while providing you with the tools you need for your personal and business growth. During the video-course you will learn the main business models and how to use them for the development of your brand and you will acquire specific skills in marketing and finance. The video course will allow you to create your digital business or to expand it and project it towards the future.

The recipients of the video course

As Dario Vignali pointed out, the Business Genetics video course was created for two categories of subjects: starters and scalers. Starters are those who want to start their own business, but need a complete and in-depth basic training, while scalers are already entrepreneurs who want to improve themselves and get the most out of their business.

If you have finally decided to create your business, you will need to know the world of the web and the main marketing strategies in depth, so don't wait any longer, sign up for the Business Genetics video course by Dario Vignali.

Image of Business Genetics course by Dario Vignali

Business Genetics course by Dario Vignali

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