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25 Aug 2020

Sapienza Finanziaria's Autotrading Evolution Course

** The Complete and Proven Method to Harness 100% of the Power of StrategyQuant and Be a Professional, Independent and Profitable * Auto Trader * **

What you have learned so far is MUCH more than what many people manage to acquire through years of study and research ..

but it is just the appetizer of what is possible with * StrategyQuant X *!

If you liked what we did in * AutoTrading Challenge *, you can go deeper with the Complete Method which allows you to make the most of all the Power of this incredible software.

And that we ourselves use in Sapienza Finanziaria to create the Strategies with which we do Automatic Trading!

This is the most effective path to becoming ** Professional **, ** Independent ** and ** Profitable ** in Automated Trading.

The *** “AutoTrading Evolution” program *** takes you to know and deepen in detail the extraordinary power of ** StrategyQuant X - ** the

state-of-the-art software in the world of Automatic Trading - and to build your personal operational strategies, thanks to the exclusive * advanced protocol * for the creation and selection of Expert Advisors, which we will help you to follow step by step during the training course.

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Image of Sapienza Finanziaria's Autotrading Evolution Course

Sapienza Finanziaria's Autotrading Evolution Course

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