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04 Apr 2020

CareerAccelerator by Marketers / Dario Vignali

** Career Accelerator ** is Dario Vignali and Luca Mastella's course dedicated to job search and career development. Within Career Accelerator you will find ** strategies, tricks and tricks to successfully respond to a difficult, global and ever-changing professional market **.

  • How to identify your business goal
  • How to get your application to the right people
  • The 34 points for writing a ** perfect resume **
  • Blank spaces in the CV? here's where to get ** free certifications **
  • How not to spoil everything with the cover letter
  • Develop your ** personal branding ** and your online presence
  • 37 tips to ** face an interview ** via Skype and in person
  • ** How to Network ** with LinkedIn
  • How to ** develop your authority ** in your industry
  • ** Successful case studies **
  • The 85 questions with which Luca reached the ** final Google interview **
  • Templates, tools and resources in Italian and English to get started right away
  • How to ** develop your career ** anywhere in the world

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