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01 Apr 2020

Business Genetics by Dario Vignali

** Enter the Marketers Family mansion now and you will get the strategies, skills and tools ** you always needed to start your business. You will access the most advanced and complete training ever in Italy to become a successful entrepreneur in the new business world and to accelerate your business like you've never seen before!

** Learn to hack your Business Dna ** Business Genetics is the Italian course signed by Dario Vignali and Marketers to successfully create and fully accelerate your entrepreneurial business as you have never done before!

** Who is Dario Vignali's Business Genetics course for? **

** Business Genetics ** is aimed at two types of people that I call “** starter **” and “** scaler **”.

For “Starters”

You are a Starter if you are a professional, freelancer or a person who knows he wants to undertake his own business project. In this case, Business Genetics will allow you to “explode” your entrepreneurial attitude and acquire the right method to launch yourself as an entrepreneur, professional or freelancer.

For “Scalers”

You are a Scaler if you already own a business but invoice less than 10 million euros a year or if you have a margin of less than 30% on the turnover of your company.In this case you will acquire strategies and tools to scale your business in a healthy way and super effective.

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** Dario Vignali, Business Genetics ** Dario Vignali is an Italian entrepreneur, one of the most influential under 30s in the country according to Forbes. He is a consultant for major entrepreneurs, celebrities and influencers. He contributed to the entrepreneurial market by creating digital companies and getting other people to do the same. He is the founder of Marketers, a movement of tens of thousands of entrepreneurs, companies and young revolutionaries looking to launch or scale digital businesses.

Image of Business Genetics by Dario Vignali

Business Genetics by Dario Vignali

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