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04 Apr 2020

BnB Academy by Ludovico Cianchetta

You want to start earning with Airbnb

without owning even a property?

Well, you are in the right place! This is the only program that takes you by the hand to create your first real estate business, even if you have no experience.

What will you teach me in the course?

  • The A-to-Z technique for making Airbnb your main source of income
  • The guide to identifying the most profitable properties
  • The business model that allows you to earn a lot of money with other people's properties
  • All legal regulations to be respected - and related contracts, ready for use
  • The secrets of ranking on Airbnb and Booking to overcome all the competition
  • How to specialize in a particular market niche
  • How to maximize profits during the year to earn even 70% more
    • How to furnish a home with very little budget
  • Secrets to buying home essentials at rock bottom prices
  • The three most common mistakes that cause 90% of hosts to lose customers
  • How to write the description of your apartment to better convert users
  • The procedures to work without VAT in a 100% legal way
  • The most effective techniques to automate 90% of your daily work
  • The Property Manager's working method to start with ZERO euro

Image of BnB Academy by Ludovico Cianchetta

BnB Academy by Ludovico Cianchetta

Download the BnB Academy by Ludovico Cianchetta for only 75.

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