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02 Apr 2020

AMS Advanced Advertising - Ignazio Munz´┐Ż

** Increase Sales and Earn More **

** Here's How To Make More Money With Kindle Publishing Without Publishing New Books **

Have you published a book and are starting to earn some money but would like to sell more? The book you recently launched doesn't sell? Do you already have some books online but your royalties aren't growing?

** I have the solution that will help you increase your sales and earnings, without publishing new books All lessons in this course are included for free if you buy Book Business Formula, my complete course on Kindle Publishing **

** In the course you will discover: **

  • ** How to promote your books profitably using AMS ads **
  • ** My 3-step method to create ads that generate **** thousands of dollars by investing a few tens **
  • ** How to create ads with ACoS below 20% **
  • ** Why your ads aren't working and what to do **
  • ** Advanced techniques to optimize bids and maximize ROI (with downloadable materials) **
  • ** 10 steps to go from 0 to profit with AMS, even if you've never advertised **
  • ** How to “fix” a book that doesn't sell using AMS ** ** Ignazio Munz¨ - AMS Advanced Advertising **

** Ignazio Munz¨ is a 22-year-old Italian entrepreneur expert in the field of self-publishing. He has built a successful Amazon Kindle business and helps aspiring entrepreneurs do the same through his YouTube channel. **


  • Welcome to the Course
  • My Strategy for Using AMS Profitable
  • The only metric you need to look at

Phase 1: Keywords

  • STEP 1: Find Profitable Keywords for your Ad
  • How to Find Hundreds of Keywords in 5 Minutes or Less

Phase 2: Test

  • STEP 2: Create a Test Announcement
  • The Strategy to Follow to Optimize the Bid
  • Should You Offer Much or Little? Pros and Cons of the 2 Methods
  • Because spending more is NOT the solution
  • How to Decide When to Stop a Keyword

Phase 3: Climb

  • STEP 3: Create a Performing Ad
  • How to Write Copy to Get More Clicks
  • The importance of refreshing your ad

Increase Sales with PPC Ads

  • Explanation of the timing of an announcement
  • Follow These 10 Steps to Sell More Copies Using AMS
  • The importance of the Book Description
  • Broad, Phrase or Exact? Full Explanation of Match Types
  • How to Sponsor Your Book on AMS UK and AMS DE

Extra Resources

  • PPC, CPC, CTR - The Terms You Need To Know To Advertise Online
  • How to Write the Perfect Description to Generate Sales

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